Unless noted otherwise, seminars take place on Tuesdays at 1:15 p.m. in Room 1116, IPST Building 085

This seminar is organized by Professors Pratyush Tiwary and Christopher Jarzynski.  Please send suggestions for speakers to Teri Schuler, tschuler at

For further information, contact:
Professor Pratyush Tiwary, ptiwary at (626) 628-7952 Professor Christopher Jarzynski, cjarzyns at (301) 405-4439


September 4            Alexander Efros, Naval Research Laboratory
                                 Optical properties of nano-crystals quantum dots

September 11           

September 18          Robert Best, National Institutes of Health
                                 Molecular simulation tools for investigating structure, dynamics and phase transitions of intrinsically disordered proteins

September 25          Maicol Ochoa, National Institute of Standards and Technology
                                 Quantum effects on the thermodynamics of nanoscale engines

October 2         

October 9                SHIH-I PAI LECTURE, 4:00 p.m., 1412 Toll Physics Building
                                 Charles Bennett, IBM
                                 Occam's Razor, Boltzmann's Brain, and Wigner's Friend
                                 No Informal Statistical Physics Seminar

October 16              Suriyanarayanan Vaikuntanathan, University of Chicago
                                 Dissipation induced transitions in elastic membranes and materials

October 23              Tom Kurtzman, Lehman College
                                 What can we learn from local structural and thermodynamic properties of water on protein surfaces to inform rational drug design?

October 30              Juan Vanegas, University of Vermont
                                 Feeling the force: Understanding mechanosensation through local stress calculations and steered simulations

November 6            Eugenia Kalnay, UMD
                                 Can large-scale solar and wind farms create a significant climate change?

November 13         

November 20          Anna Frishman, Princeton Center for Theoretical Science
                                 Learning force fields from stochastic trajectories

November 27          John Biddle, Harvard University
                                 Cooperativity through Conformational Ensembles: at Equilibrium and Beyond

December 4